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Create your personal investor profile by filling out the following simple form. Your profile will be created with your personal email address as username.
  Step 2
After submitting the registration form, you will be directed to an email verification page. Please check your email box and open the email from Genius Estates which contains a verification code. Enter your code to verify your email address.
  Step 3
After email verification you will be logged into your personal profile dashboard where you can follow some simple steps through a KYC (Know Your Customer) verification process as required by regulators.
  Step 4
After entering the required KYC information and documents, please submit your profile to be reviewed by Genius Estates.
  Step 5
After approval from Genius Estates your profile will be activated and you will be notified by email. You will then be able to purchase Genius Estates shares

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All investments are speculative in nature and carry a significant risk of loss. We recommend investing carefully and getting personal advice from a professional investment advisor before investing. We do not and cannot guarantee that the investment objectives will be achieved. Before registering on our website please read carefully Risk Disclaimer to fully understand the risks of investing.

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